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“I have been a patient of Dr. Mabry for 3 years now and find the experience of going to dentist something to look forward to! Dr. Mabry is always smiling, upbeat and competent in her work. I had a problem with some crowns and came to Dr. Mabry for a second opinion and never left her practice. She is always focused on the patient, is open to alternative approaches, and is of course competent in guiding the patient to what is best. All her dental work, including several crowns, have been painless and perfect. I now send my son to Dr. Mabry, he is 20, and he too finds the experience very positive. I hope to be her patient forever! ”

-Sharon F. Kleefield

“Dr. Mabry’s skill, experience, and attention to detail is what separates her from her peers. Her expertise in dental aesthetics is second to none. I would recommend her to anyone looking for the premier practitioner of general and cosmetic dentistry”.

-Carlo Soli, M.D.

“Dr. Monique Mabry is one of the best and most thorough dentists I have gone to in a long time, and she is the ultimate professional and perfectionist! From a simple filling to any advanced dental work, I have full confidence in Dr. Mabry’ sense of aesthetics. She takes time to discuss the treatment options in great detail, which empowers me to make informed decisions. I must be one of the most scared people in the world when it comes to dental work, but Dr. Mabry and her staff always put me completely at ease. I thank Dr. Mabry for a great smile.”

-Valeska O’Leary

“Dr. Monique Mabry is a wonderful dentist. She cares deeply for her patients and is interested in their dental health as well as their aesthetics. Her office is well-run and organized, and she makes going to the dentist a pleasure!”

-Lisa Drapkin

“Dr. Mabry had saved my teeth when I thought I had no hope. Her gentle and caring approach restored my faith in dentists, and helped me overcome my anxiety. Meeting Dr. Mabry was definitely a turning point in my life and I will always be grateful to her for treating me without judgment.”

-Rita Gelman

“I have been a patient of Monique Mabry for many years. She is a caring and dedicated dentist; but most important she is cognizant of her patients individual needs. Monique Mabry’s dental practice is her art, her art is her personality, and her personality is her dedication.”

-David B. Prager

“My visit to the office was like being on vacation, starting with my cocktail then my sunglasses to see the beautiful blue skies and the gentile touch of Dr. Mabry. I am looking forward to my next visit.”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Monique Mabry for over ten years and was thrilled to learn that Dr. Mabry was continuing her practice in the Newton area. I booked the first appointment available for my routine oral exam and cleaning. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly greeted by Dr. Mabry and her dental hygienist in the bright, welcoming atmosphere of her new space. I was happy to return home and report to my family members, all of whom are patients of Dr. Mabry, that as to be expected, Dr. Mabry’s practice is A++ in my book! We look forward to many more years of bright, white smiles thanks to Dr. Mabry’s excellent care.”

-Andrea Craven

“As patients of Dr. Monique Mabry for the past twenty years, we would like to take this opportunity and tell you of our wonderful experience with her. She is very skilled, extremely gentle and has her patients’ best interest at heart. Please do no hesitate to consider as your dental provider.”

-Bill and Maureen

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